Our Team



Ultimate Bad A**. Mom of 5 girls. Author. She completely runs the operation at Becking Clinic Cape and Dexter making sure our client experience is “second to none”. Chantelle brings years of corporate success and business leadership. You will love her. She’s every woman. Before becoming foster mom and mom to our girls, Chantelle was a six figure earning, corporate executive and we are blessed to have her on our team.



Brook is amazing and you will not meet a chic more capable and on your side. She is the lead in our clinics and knows every person by face and name. She is deeply invested in seeing people feel loved.


We so love Bailey and she brings it. Nurse. Esthetician. Fierce mom. Knows her stuff. Over 9 years experience in Lipo Laser.



Everyone LOVES Della. She just oozes of energy and goodness. Go Della.


Mindy KNOWS everybody and everybody KNOWS and LOVES Mindy. She rocks.

Dr. Becking