New Year's Resolutions


If you're thinking about your New Year's Resolution, 

Odds are you are thinking about a healthier approach to life. 

Maybe you want to eat healthier, 

Maybe you want to join the gym, 

Maybe you just want to get rid of some stubborn belly fat. 

This is YOUR sign. Right now. Yes, right now. This very moment.

We attached a video of a client we shared earlier in the year. 

A common misconception about our program is that you'll gain your weight back, that it maybe won't work for you. 

This is what sets Becking Clinic apart....

We are about changing your lifestyle, your mindset, the way you look at food, and MOST importantly, the way you look at YOURSELF. 

Nikki is proof that YOU can make a HUGE, long term change. 

SO if you are looking at making a shift. 

If you are hoping to stop feeling so tired, worn down, and down & out. 

We are YOUR choice. 

We have amazing promos happening RIGHT NOW because it’s the season. 

Now is YOUR time to make that step. 

Call our Cape Clinic at 573.243.9777 or schedule online at

We can see you at our Cape or Dexter location in person, or for non locals we offer a virtual consultation.

We have clients all across the U.S. 

We can't wait to meet you!