Lipo Laser

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Pain-Free Lipo Laser

We all have problem areas, and started this service so we can target those trouble spots and see change. We can help you reach your goals!

Our Lipo-Laser treatments are easy and effortless.  Using FDA approved technology, Becking Clinic laser services help you shed inches fast. This is not about vanity. It is about getting to your best self, believing in you and feeling good in the clothes you wear.

Becking Clinic Laser Services

How It Works

Safe. Effective. Painless.

Safe. Effective. Painless.

Lipo Laser treatments are simple, safe, and affordable. They are non-invasive, painless, and have no downtime or bruising.

Target Trouble Areas

Target Trouble Areas

We can target midsections, thighs, arms, bra-lines, saddle bags, love handles, and almost anywhere that gives your grief!

Expect to meet one-on-one with a female team member. Consults are discrete and private. We promise to make you feel right at home.

We will give you options once we put together an action plan. Your sessions are completely pain free in a super relaxing & Life giving environment. Expect to be in our office about 20 minutes with each session.

We typically only have, at most, 2 clients in the office at once. This is to protect the environment and for privacy purposes. You are not required to share your results and we make sure your privacy is our utmost concern.

Absolutely not. During your consult we will do a Whole Body Scan Analysis to learn more about what is going on in your body from the inside out. We will be clear with you on these results if you are a candidate for our laser program.

The Lipo-Laser causes the cells to release water, glycerol and free fatty acids to then be naturally metabolized by the body.

This is a safe and effective answer in spot-treating fat reduction. There are no known side effects.

They are actually very relaxing. Some clients feel a slight warming from the laser with zero uncomfortability. All treatments are followed up with a Whole Body Vibration session to assist with lymphatic drainage.

Because each person’s body is totally unique, we need to assess the area(s) you want to target for skin elasticity. 

We will be upfront with you if you are not a candidate. 

If you are a good fit, we will go over your goals and budget, and put together options specifically for you.

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