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Body Contouring

lipo-laser takes away 3-30 inches in just 42 days! 

Lose inches in a matter of days.

Lipo-Laser treatments are easy and effortless.  Using FDA approved technology, becking clinic Lipo-Laser helps you shed inches fast.


Get a boost in confidence with just one visit. 

Becking Clinic offers a new and exciting way to lose inches without surgery, pain or medications through Laser-Lipo. 

This safe and effective answer in spot-treating fat reduction helps us target specific areas on your stomach, lower back, thighs, arms and even chin. 

How it works.

Lipo-Laser causes the cells to release water, glycerol and free fatty acids to then be naturally metabolized  by the body.  

You Have Several Options

Choose from a variety of packages.

You can choose a Lipo-Laser only package, or pair it with our all-natural weight loss

Let us know your goals and we can help you achieve them!

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Safe. Effective. Painless.

Lipo-laser treatments are simple, safe, and affordable.

  1. Non-invasive.  
  2. Painless. 
  3. No bruising. 
  4. No surgery or downtime.