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Do you WANT to radically TRANSFORM your life?

Are you exhausted? Do you have zero energy for anything? Are you just SO busy? Are you so done with the way things are and don’t know what to do? Is your life just about all that you are doing and all the places you are taking your kids? Who have you become? Are you ready for a break and a fresh start?

Join Dr. Becking, Chantelle & Our Clinic Team in person or virtually, to learn about our culture, our process, and how we have been successful at becoming the lead office across the U.S. in our field, by cultivating a culture of hope and focus on you being full of life, love and ease first. You can’t give your best out of a place of emptiness, stress, tension and fear.

Take advantage of the quality one-on-one time with Dr. Becking & Chantelle where they help you create your version of our powerful culture and powerful personal health where clients are treated like family and you learn to be strong through it all.

Start with daily habits and routines that guarantee to bring you energy and ease. Learn simple systems to use immediately in your life to change the way you do EVERYTHING.

They help coach you towards success!

Dr. Becking has been coached by some of the most successful people on the planet over the last 20 years not to mention his life lessons of a farm accident at 12, losing his index finger and thumb and learning to overcome all things difficult.

Became fastest typer in high school typing, even though they told him he could skip typing since he had a disability. He plays classical guitar and does many other things he was medically told he COULD NOT do.

Raised by his mother since age 12 and starting over from a total loss house fire left with the clothes on their back.

You will never be the same spending time with us. Call our Clinic for your plan. (573) 243-9777

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Super Secret Weapon

You also will receive a one-on-one Intensive with our own, highly sought after, personal counselor!

Learn our way and leave with a fresh perspective on making life- long relationships, promoting growth, and increasing your business revenue and personal joy exponentially.

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Limited spots for 2018

Contact our team for booking & pricing:

“Dr. Becking, you changed my life ,our lives. God Bless you for having such a kind, loving and true heart. 1st impressions leave a mark. I Love you and Chantelle tons!!”



“He changed my outlook and mindset and my perspective on how I view my individual self and my daily life decisions.”



“It’s like a breath of fresh air that I didn’t know I needed ‘til it hit me in the face. My life had been filled with smog (you know, negativity, self doubt, low self esteem, the whys, am I doing this whole mom wife thing wrong?) My life has changed in every aspect to a brighter, lighter (figuratively and physically 😂) self.”



“I achieved what I thought success was but felt hollow and purposeless. When I met you, I felt a giant inside of me instantly wake up. You helped me get out of my head. You uncovered what I was searching for. I’m your #1 fan.”



“I was full of anxiety and self doubt. I thought that was just my nature until I learned through Dr. Becking it was not. He taught me self affirmation (Girl, you’re amazing!), and turn anxious thoughts into prayer.  It has changed my life! Dr. Becking has been a blessing. 



Working with you has helped me change my mind set - to see the good in every situation, in every person - really learned to love myself which in turn allows me to give love to everyone else . 

What has changed for me the most is my attitude- attitude towards food, learning to use it as fuel for my body vs a crutch for my emotions.