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Do you WANT to radically TRANSFORM your life?

When do YOU take care of YOU? Are YOU exhausted? Are YOU ALWAYS busy? Are YOU fed up?

What if you changed one thing! Your MINDSET. Meet Dr. Becking.


Dr. Becking is a practicing chiropractor of over 15 years.  He is a Nationally-recognized authority in reshaping your “mindset”.

Dr. Becking has helped 1000’s of people “get out of their own way”. 


Dr. Becking has one of the TOP Clinics in the US.

In the words of artist, Lenny Kravitz: “we are here to love”

Dr. Becking in Iceland doing an ice bath at a Wim Hoff seminar.


“We couldn’t be more different but he amazes me every day with his passion to love on people, do something new, and he is NEVER afraid to do his own thing. Pretty damn cool. 💚 Love you Beck & all your crazy shenanigans. Now get your ass to your next adventure. We’ve got a lot to teach 5 girls about being comfortable in their skin, living their own dreams, and going against the grain. Love you💚💚”



Dr. Becking has overcome. Including a farm accident at the age of 12. He lost his index finger and thumb on his left hand .

He was told he had a disability? Nope. That’s not an option.

He plays classical guitar daily…………..He is a licensed Chiropractor. They said he couldn't.

Raised by a single mom from age 12. Devastating home fire left with the clothes on his back and showed up to school the next day…………………….

Finding the way.

You will never be the same.

Call our Clinic now to TRANSFORM with Dr. Becking. (573) 243-9777

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“Hi, my name is Dr. Bobbi Payne. Dr. Becking and Chantelle crossed my path almost 3 years ago (April 1st). It was no April fool's joke! My journey, and life have been transformed FOREVER due to their interest, compassion, coaching and love.

Yes, I'm a doctor too and know I should take better care of myself, but it wasn't about my weight. It was about not caring for myself. I took care of everyone else, including my dogs watching their weight but didn't provide that same care for myself.

Dr. Becking taught me how to speak kindly to myself and required it in our many conversations because I didn't even recognize I was speaking negatively to myself until he kept pointing it out. Then I started believing the positive side of myself.

Something he said to me in those early days that still resonates with me, "If you don't take care of yourself, you're telling the world you don't matter."

The Beckings have gifts and are used in supernatural ways by God. 😇 I will forever be transformed by being blessed with friends like them. They have busy lives with kids, the business, all the stuff they are called to do yet they still give so much of themselves to others like you and me.

How do you repay something that is priceless?

There are no words to express the gratitude for the way they give whenever God calls them. They help others like me go from surviving to thriving. From worrier to warrior!”

“Dr. Becking, you changed my life, our lives. God Bless you for having such a kind, loving and true heart. 1st impressions leave a mark. I Love you and Chantelle tons!!”

Dr. Bobbi Payne

“He changed my outlook and mindset and my perspective on how I view my individual self and my daily life decisions.”


“It’s like a breath of fresh air that I didn’t know I needed ‘til it hit me in the face. My life had been filled with smog (you know, negativity, self doubt, low self esteem, the whys, am I doing aa brighter, lighter (figuratively and physically 😂) self.”


“I achieved what I thought success was but felt hollow and purposeless. When I met you, I felt a giant inside of me instantly wake up. You helped me get out of my head. You uncovered what I was searching for. I’m your #1 fan.”


“I was full of anxiety and self doubt. I thought that was just my nature until I learned through Dr. Becking it was not. He taught me self affirmation (Girl, you’re amazing!), and turn anxious thoughts into prayer.  It has changed my life! Dr. Becking has been a blessing.”



“Working with you has helped me change my mind set - to see the good in every situation, in every person - really learned to love myself which in turn allows me to give love to everyone else . 

What has changed for me the most is my attitude- attitude towards food, learning to use it as fuel for my body vs a crutch for my emotions.”