Team Becking is Here to Love & Here to Serve

We Love Helping Clients Find Their Happy! We Promise to Make You Feel Right at Home

Dr. Becking

The ultimate guru right here. He is ALL THINGS in the motivation and break through department.

His leadership skills are unmatched in seeing our clients have long term life change. He is involved daily with live videos for clients on program and consistently offers break through coaching for people in need of transformation. He is a God lover and the originator of Becking Clinic.

The Doc is in and he is ready to serve! Get to know Dr. B. It just might change your life!


Kris not only is an amazing Team Member at Becking Clinic, she is a program success story too! She lives and breathes our philosophy and on her journey, she has lost over 80 lbs and transformed her life.

Talk about someone that brings it and has a mission to make your experience magical, it’s this amazing human. 

Our team is like family and we add you to it

We bring weight loss to you NO MATTER where you live. Reach out today.

Weight Loss

We Deal with Emotional Eating, Past Trauma & Pain That Could Be Holding You Back. This is a Whole Life Approach!

Laser Lipo

Get Your Confidence Back! Lipo-Laser treatments are FDA Approved. We guarantee easy, effortless, and pain-free results.