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- About Me

Hi, I'm Dr. Becking. Thanks for checking us out.

Here’s my story. I did this program and lost 28 lbs in my first 21 days. This experience forever changed my life and I’m just as excited 10 years later. 

The weight loss journey is about habits, routines, and mindset. You are literally just 6 weeks from feeling better than you can imagine!

I want every person that is READY for a true change to have access to this. We bring this experience to your front door.

- Real People, Real Results

They did it and you can do it too!

Our clients become FAMILY at Becking Clinic. Our mission in life is to help people get back to feeling great.

Our clinic is in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and we also serve weight loss clients virtually across the United States.

The amount of change (physically and emotionally)I’ve experienced since I started the program in 2019 has been amazing! I’m 100% happier and healthier than I ever thought I would be!
Thank you for instilling a completely different mindset and lifestyle in your program, it’s truly a blessing!
This place is about health. No diet pills, just pure foods that work for you and mind set.
I did this wonderful miracle program which is a non stop journey ..........and I love it. I don’t miss eating bad any more
I probably haven’t worn jeans in 2 years plus. (I’m a leggings only kinda gal)! But last month I wanted to wear jeans to a function, and to my surprise I didn’t have any that fit, they were all TOO BIG!

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All Natural Weight Loss

The journey is about daily habits, routines and mindset. You are just 6 weeks from feeling better.

We bring this experience to your front door and are proud to work with clients around the country.

Make A Change Now

Pain Free Lipo-Laser

Lipo-Laser treatments are easy and effortless. We use FDA cleared technology to help you shed inches fast..

Get back to your best self, feel good in the clothes you wear, and reach the end of camouflaging trouble areas.

Free Consultation

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You WILL lose 20 pounds in 42 days, GUARANTEED!

You Just Found What You Have Been Searching For! READY TO MAKE A CHANGE?

Whether you are looking to lose 10 pounds or 150 pounds. Maybe you want to just lose those stubborn inches…Either way… We have a solution for you!

Daily Doctor Supervision
Progress Performance Coaching
Group Support with 24/7 Access
Real Food. No Shakes or Hormones.

Kris is doing it! Check out her story.

Team Member and Program Success Story

“I knew the changed I need to make but didn’t know how desperately I needed to make them. I felt horrible. I looked horrible. And, I really just didn’t want to participate in life much. 

I needed a lifestyle change. I knew I had to hold myself accountable. A choice here. A commitment there. Even the choice to love yourself when others have told you that you aren’t worth being loved.

Take it from someone who knows. You need to do the work – to elevate and live the life of your dreams. Invest in yourself.” – Kris

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